The Period Between

The Period Between is something I have yet to master.  The journey between the beginning and the end. An example of long-term would be the journey we take from birth to death.  Or an example of short term would be mixing the cookie batter and the oven timer going off. Lets face it no one likes the non gratifying pause in between, no one enjoys the “process” while reaching goals, its just less fun, plain  and simple.  We’re told all the time from your parents, your friends, your friends parents.  BUT its harder than it sounds. This is where you can follow me through my awkward space in the middle of starting and ending. Where we can,hopefully together, enjoy building the bridge between the two green spaces. ( see what I did there, grass is always greener reference wow..)  Its not about the once upon a time or the happily ever after, but its about the mess I’m making in between.