A Little Self- Care Reminder

Hi, its me again,

Its only been about 4 months or something outrageous.

If there is anything you can learn about me through this blog, it’s that I am busy.  SO busy that sometimes I leave early from work so I can nap and then I finish up my work day from home.  I am not an advocate for a stressful work experience, but as many of you probably know, we find ourselves in these positions regularly and we just push through.

What I am an advocate for is healthy, mindful living. Recognizing you  need a break, or adjusting your life to fit into a healthy routine.  To accomplish this, even when being very busy at work, is simple.  I take the time I need to accomplish the top priority.  Unfortunately for me this past few months that has been work. During busy seasons, its all hands on deck and that means instead of going on grand adventures throughout the island, staying up all night on a Friday drinking wine and listening to music, I am prioritizing my sleep and relaxation. Keeping these things present in my mind may mean I am  missing out on some fun things this time of year, but it is keeping me sane and keeping me healthy.

Work-Life balance is a real struggle for me and making a few easy decisions throughout my day helps me to keep it in check. Maybe I am keeping work at the fore-front of my mind, but it keeps the stress at bay throughout the week when I am well rested and ready to take on the tasks ahead.

This little post isn’t saying much, other than I am in fact still here. And also explaining that instead of writing I have been sleeping….

I know how selfish am I…

But if that is what the body and mind want and need, that’s what they are going to get!

Self-Care comes in so many forms and it is really important to me not to ignore what it is I truly need to thrive.

So ya!
I am sleeping in when I can and I’m basically spending my days off in my pajamas but it will only be a short while until I am able to get up-n-at-em again.

Until next time.. which really who knows when that is going to be at this rate…

Take care of yourselves!


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