This Journey of Mine

Okay we made it!

Last resolution breakdown/update/ whatever your following along here.

Becoming okay with the journey.  This was the one resolution I really thought was going to be a challenge. As much as I wanted this to happen for me I never really believed it would.  I am a creature of habit and for so long I have had this pattern of getting lost along the way to my next adventure. I am not sure if its the space I have created with you here, or maybe I am growing up.  YA its probably the blog.. haha!

Breaking down these resolutions and seeing myself put effort into them has really changed my outlook. I fully believe that maybe I am okay with this journey.   The past 4 months have possibly been the happiest months I have experienced in a while.  Yes there were a few rough patches, a few days I felt worse for wear, but as a whole I feel light. I feel full of life, and as if the universe is taking care of me.  The relationship I have with my partner has grown so strong in the past few months, and that is not to say I ever thought it was weak, I never knew it could be stronger until recently. Its almost as if me putting work into bettering myself has enhanced my outlook on our lives together. The more I accomplish personally the more I am able to give to our lives and our experiences as a team. It a whole new world! A full on revelation I would say!

Taking this Journey One Step at a Time

I am still moving forward, striving for the next step, the next item on my list. The difference is that instead of being wrapped up in it, I am taking the time to experience it, let things happen and learn from them rather than instantly fix them or move on to the next thing.  It seems to be working.

I think maybe writing on here, in my journal, texting my friends and my mom, all of this pen to paper type activity I have been doing is working wonders for my mental health and self esteem. Its been so long since I have taken the time to put words onto paper and get them out of my mind that maybe this is the real revelation.  The more I write, the happier I become it seems.

This is great news for you, as I will be continuing this journey with you!

The only downfall to this being the last update, is finding something else to write about!

Wish me luck,

You will know all went well if I have a post for next week!

Keep smiling and always try to enjoy the journey.

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