Gratefulness above Jealousy

Being Grateful for what you have is very tricky business. In an age of sharing, posting, constant media, marketing and just plain noise, its hard to remember what you have and how many people would be grateful for it.  I am not only talking about possessions and material matter, but also the relationships, the friendships the communication between strangers etc, all of these emotional items deserve some gratitude.

I am always trying my best to reach the next level in life.  Like its some kind of video game and each level has certain item we need to possess or specific relationships we need to be a part of to graduate to that next level.  That just isn’t right.
Being grateful for each stage is how we create happiness in our lives. For example you could be sitting on your deck enjoying the sun with a cocktail in hand and having a brilliant conversation with your partner.  You could either be grateful for that interaction, the time your sharing together, the connection you both have, or even just that it isn’t raining.  Or you could forget about that moment, scroll through your Instagram feed and be upset that your friend just found out shes pregnant, some girl has the new coolest shoes and some other person has a cuter cocktail than yours. All of the jealousy takes away from the great life your already living.

I am not saying I don’t take part in the social media jealousy game, because I one hundred percent do, I catch myself taking photos of things just to post so I seem like I am in line with the rest of my friends. This is the saddest part of the world we are living in. There is no set rules, no set direction we need to take to live a fulfilling life. Each person has their own path, their own things to be grateful for. A lot of the time it just takes a little reminder and a little gratitude to turn your bad mood or green-eyed monster around.

Being Grateful Create Happiness

I can say this with confidence because I recently started journaling, I know how “2018” of me. I used to keep a diary when I was maybe 12-18 and it was always something I loved doing.  Keeping track of my day, getting the bad thoughts onto paper help me feel like they weren’t my problem any more. I picked the habit back up and what a difference it is making. I have been starting each day with what I am grateful for that day, what my intentions are to have a good day, and in the evening I am writing about what I am grateful for and how I can make the next day even better. Starting with a positive reminder of how great I think my life is, helps to drown out the social media game of “who’s better than who”.  By reminding myself daily of my accomplishments, and having a positive outlook on why I think my life is the “best-thing-since-sliced-bread” allows me to find more joy in other peoples accomplishments. Once upon a time a friend would tell me that they were pregnant or they graduated from their Masters or they landed their dream job and I couldn’t find happiness for them.  All I could muster is the deep jealousy I had and the intense guilt I had because their accomplishment made me feel less than enough. That is so wrong.  These people are my friends and my family and I should be able to show them joy, show them how much I appreciate them, tell them how grateful I am for being with them through their journey.

Showing a gratitude is new way of thinking for me, I do believe it is changing my life for the better and shifting my mindset into a more positive one. All that self-love and what-not.

Let me know what your grateful for in the comments below ( click the title and scroll to the bottom), I would love to share in your excitement!

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