Yes- The Scariest Word

We are really cruising right through this Resolution List.  On a side note I am loving writing more detailed posts about each of these because really helps to keep them on track. Way to go Resolutions!

Saying “yes” has created a very scary world for me. Not a boogie-man jump out and grab you scared, more of free fall into a deep pool of water scared.  I haven’t made large leaps towards this but it is coming along. In my last post you will know that I have said yes a lot more in the financial world than I intended. Buying a car on a whim, and taking a more expensive trip were 2 things I have done most recently that have scared me. Saying yes to both of those things did bring me joy, and taught me that letting go a little makes a difference in relationships as well as inside my own soul. I felt light, on that trip and driving away in my new spontaneously-purchased car I felt a lightness that I haven’t experienced in a while. Now don’t think I am a changed woman, I am the queen of NO and will forever love my safe haven I create with it.

I have noticed that by saying yes to silly spontaneous date nights or running over to a friends at 9 pm with ice cream doesn’t mean falling away from normal routine, and it doesn’t mean that the next day doesn’t have to follow the routine I was hoping for. It isn’t a domino effect of chaos like I thought. Its more like little sprinkles of joy throughout the boring week.


I have decided to take a trip with a few friends (not for many months but still). Saying yes right away hurt my insides for sure, not having a clear plan, not really knowing cost, or even dates of this trip. This is a real test to this resolution.  But I said yes and the planning has commenced, I am doing my very best to let this trip be planned by my friends who have a more “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” philosophy on life. I would love to be one of those people, and to enjoy life the way they are able to. Somehow I was blessed with this mental state of plan-plan-and-re-plan, I am happy in this mental state  but allowing myself to really relax and hopefully enjoy the journey will be an eye opener for sure.  I also hope that by letting someone else plan the destiny of this trip, saying yes to their ideas and plans will help me relax a little more. If you haven’t figured this out yet I am a little high strung, a little overprotective and little type-A.

The more I say yes to normal life things, like bowling on a Thursday night, or going out for dinner when I had planned a meal, is really showing me the amount of things that stress me out for no reason. And yes, going bowling a Thursday night is a huge accomplishment for me.The more I let go and say yes to these silly things the more I am able to enjoy them. Its a real learning curve.

I don’t know if I will ever shake the “no”- monster living on my shoulder but for now I am at least trying to keep him hushed.

Here’s to a new me, a spontaneous me, a Yes-me

Also just so we are clear: I pre-planned, pre-wrote and pre-edited this post 4 times with a set goal in mind, there was no spontaneity in this post what-so-ever.. old habits die hard friends.

Keep Smiling!

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