My Journey to Wasting Less

In conjunction with last 2 posts I am working on keeping you updated on how my resolution journey is going. We are 2 months into 2018 and were only getting deeper into it.  I want to focus this post on the first resolution I wrote which is to create less waste.

I feel like this might be a huge fad that is going around recently. Fad or not I feel like its making a large impact and this should seriously stick around.  I am not about to get preach-y with you because everyone is entitled to live the life they deep important and fulfilling.  But we have one planet for all of us and if I can make a small scratch into the overall existence and overall well-being of this planet we call home then I may as well.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a large undertaking not only for the sheer memory aspect of this project but also its easy to forget that even though its small, its still a better foot forward than the latter option.

Here is what I have done in the past 2 months to help create less waste:

1. Only use reusable water bottles. Glass if possible.
We have created a little team of glass water bottles over the past year and we continuously refill our glass water bottles and keep them cold in the fridge. By having a few options we never run out when we are heading out the door. It was a big change to remember to bring them with us, but I think we are slowly mastering it.

Glass bottles we love

The water bottles we currently use!

Reusable Straws we use!

2.Make you own cleaning  products.

I have been using essential oils for a little while now to create my own cleaning products. I use 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar and about 20-30 drops of the scent of my choosing (My favorite is Lemon and mint, or just Lemon) I can use this cleaner on everything. The vinegar leaves no streaks, the lemon essential oil disinfects and I can use it on every surface of our home ( from laminate floors, to windows, to mirrors, even stainless steal !) Another option instead of vinegar is to use one part vodka ( don’t be scared!) it will disinfect just like bleach and the essential oil completely takes the smell out.
I make a few other cleaning products with these oils as well but this is just one example.

spray bottle
The Spray Bottles I currently use!

* bonus points I store these mixtures in my glass cleaning bottles so not only am I reducing the plastic but I also wont have to buy new bottles ever again, and save money on cleaning products I would have needed to repurchase.

3. Obviously, Reusable grocery bags/ shopping bags in general.
Grocery bags are the first thing people get rid of usually, because it is the easiest switch to make.  I make sure mine are always in my car and haven’t needed to use plastic ones in a long time, I also haven’t had to purchase any as I use old shopping bags from store that give our fabric bags. Saving money and the planet woohoo!

2 bonus tips:
– When at the grocery store I never use the small thin plastic bags for produce. Just stack them in your cart. You’re going to wash them anyway and there is no need to separate them if you putting them into the fridge later. Pro tip: group like things together for your cashier, and bring along a fabric cloth to wipe off their scale for them, produce is wet and can leave their work space messy so think ahead and you won’t be a hindrance.
-When I go on a shopping spree I take a backpack.  NOT only can I have my hands free from shopping around and holding my reusable coffee mug, but I never have to take a bag, it all goes in one place and its easy to carry. One down side is you may be asked to leave it at the front of the store while browsing but that gives you even more freedom to walk around bag free! By carrying a back pack I can also keep my water bottle, and travel mug with me and when the backpack is full, shopping spree over. More money saved!

4. Recognize.
This transition can be annoying and a little overwhelming at first. As you continue it you will start to recognize other ways to eliminate waste. Go slowly, allow your self to mess up and make mistakes with it, but recognize where you are putting your waste and how you can change that. Make sure you are recycling plastics, ask for no straw and just be aware of your personal use of plastics, waste and materials that are unnecessary.  The more you notice the more you will change in the future.

Overall this resolution has been going quite well, it has been a transition for sure. I find it makes me more aware of my surroundings when it comes to waste in general and also stimulates a responsibility in me to pick up litter I see. Its a welcomed responsibility, it makes me feel purposeful every day and as if I am making a difference.  Let me know if this post was helpful to you, and if you are own your own mission for less waste!!

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** quick disclaimer:
All thoughts are my own and link to products are not affiliated (other than Ebates) and I do not make any commission based on your purchase. All links are based on my personal use and my personal opinion of their use and quality.

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