Resolution Update 1:


Me time
Carving Out Me-Time

Since posting the last entry I have been putting myself to the test. I thought a quick update on each resolution I made would be quite interesting to read about, ( one at a time I mean you don’t need to read a novel today 😉 )

This is will be focused on the second resolution which; is making the time for myself on a regular basis. So far what I have learned is that it is quite hard to manage the emotions that come along with this. On one hand I am feeling empowered because I am solely taking care of myself and really accomplishing the life that I am after. On the other hand I am feeling guilty for either “neglecting” my friends and family or feeling guilty because I am “wasting” my time doing something unimportant. Now I put both of those words in quotations because I am fully aware neither view point is true.

In order to really fit some “me-time” in I first had to recognize what it is that I enjoyed doing on my own. For me that seemed to be the gym, which I know sounds dreadful, and sometimes it is let me tell you. I don’t necessarily like working out all the time, and sometimes I am tired or even just lazy which means I don’t go.  It is when I just tell myself I need to go that I find I instantly feel better.

What I get out of going to the gym is one hour of silence- or at least conversation silence. I plug my headphones in I do what I am supposed to do with equipment, but what I am really doing is having time where there is no one telling me how or why I am doing something, I have no responsibilities except to myself in this entire hour and that is what feels the best. Sometime I just go and stretch to have that little bit of alone time, sometimes I go all out and really work up a sweat, and when I do that it gives me that sense of accomplishment that I was after in the first place.

I am not telling everyone that in order to make this a priority you need to hit the gym, because that is not true for everyone. I have always been an active person and after high school when the sports stopped I had to get creative to find ways to expel my energy, and it turned into a love for the gym. I mean, side benefit is that I am really feeling good in my skin because of this habit #bonus!

My other way of finding me time is to turn off my phone (Or realistically just put it in another room).  I have been trying my hardest to put my phone down for at least 2 hours once I am home from work so that I can cook , eat, and really be present in that time with my partner. Its less of alone time and more of “just-us” time, where the world outside our four walls doesn’t matter for that few hours. This doesn’t always go perfectly and sometime it doesn’t happen at all ( I’m only human). What I am finding through the journey is that the recognition I am giving my phone is helping.  What I mean by that is that I recognize how many times I reach for my phone, or how many times I am not actually listening to my partner because I heard that text-ding etc.  There is too much in this world and too much access to the world through my phone, and it makes the rest of life hazy.  Finding time where I am just a person with things I love around me helps me get some perspective and helps quiet the world we are in for a few minutes.

I am still trying to perfect the art of “me-time” and I will keep you updated as I go.  For now these two tricks have been working and have been giving me the peace I need for an hour a day at the very least. Its also giving me confidence from the gym and strengthening my relationship which overall is a huge drive to keep this at the front of my priorities.

The benefits from finding something to take your mind off the day-to-day are going to be different for everyone, and I look forward to hearing about any #bonus benefits  your finding throughout!

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until next time 🙂

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