New Years Resolutions


Resolutions have always been a weird subject for me. It always seemed like a hassle growing up, like you have to speculate everything you had done badly in the previous year in order to correct them this time around. As if over night you would be able to break every bad habit you ever created. It just never made sense to me.
This year, I ended up taking a mental break from work, and it wasn’t a doctor ordered break or anything serious, I just felt I needed a 2 day period to really just shut off after the holidays. During this little break I stayed off my phone, I organized my closets, I read some books and really spent time on my own. It was during this time I created this list and made an internal goal to try to make small adjustment that would line me up with the values I hold.
So often I find myself believing in an attitude and not taking the time to display it in my everyday life.

These  are some of the resolutions that made the cut:

1. Make less waste
As I grow up I am realizing the garbage that I create and there really isn’t a reason for it. Putting my vegetables into clear plastic bags and then into plastic grocery bags is kind of a pointless task. Grocers can weigh my fruits and vegetables without the bag and then I can put them straight into a re-usable bag. Ta-daa zero plastic bags used.  I’m trying to find new ways to combat this each day and it’s a learning curve. Maybe that will be a post for another day.

2. Schedule in Down- Time
I am a go-person. I love to be busy, I thrive and do my best when my schedule is full and my hours are organized.  With this comes exhaustion. I learned this when I was in university, as soon as I had something above my regular stress happen to my schedule, I would get so sick and not be able to complete the tasks ahead. I plan to make this year a little more relaxed and if that means scheduling in an hour to nap, or read or just sit. That is what I will do.  Still a work in progress….

3.Pay off Debt Realistically
Being a go- person also means I am impatient. When I see my credit card debt or the loan on my car I think, “Okay if I just put all my savings into this it will be gone.” But then I’m left with no savings and empty credit cards and how long will that last realistically.  I can tell you from experience, not long… and then the cycle repeats itself.  I need to be more patient with money and realize that if I am making my minimums or even going above those, its helping with my credit score and one day they will be paid off. It doesn’t need to be tomorrow. I’m young and I have plenty of time to notch away at this task.

4.Say Yes More
My boyfriend will be the first to tell you I love the word “no”.  I love to say no to new plans, to fun activities, to extra expenses, to bad foods, the list goes on and on. Saying “no” is definitely a control button for me. It makes me feel like I am in control of what ever situation and allows no room for error or unwanted surprise. It also leaves no room for spontaneity or excitement or fun.  I am challenging myself to say yes to things I really want to say no to. I don’t mean in a dangerous sense, but in a my-friends-want-to-travel-to -a-new-city-and-spend-the-night-tomorrow kind of way.   Open my horizons and allow myself to not be in control so much.

5.Be Grateful
This is kind of self explanatory, its also something I dont put much thought into on a daily basis. Thanking myself for where I am each day, or being grateful for the things I posses that bring me joy and meaning. I should be thanking myself and members of my closest circle every day. I’m also hoping that by being more grateful, I can give myself more grace (see my previous post)

6. Be Focused and Present
As I discussed before I am a person that is constantly moving and planning on the next big thing. With all that hectic excitement I tend to never really enjoy anything. My mind instantly races to the next task as I am supposed to be enjoying the first.  If I can try to put some focus on one task at a time and be more present within that task I’m hoping it slows me down and lets me really make the most of my time. This goes for work and play. If I can dedicate a full half hour to only reviewing emails, (instead of looking at an email, talking on the phone and making a schedule) maybe I will be able to accomplish more and with better attention to detail…
This is going to be a real struggle because I am the queen of doing 7 things at one time haha..

7. Become Okay with the Journey
This leads us to the last point, the final idea I have for 2018. It also has to do with this space I am creating. The period between. I am trying to understand and comprehend things as they happen to me, and really enjoy the light that is shed on small moments.  Rather than continuously reaching for the next step, I should spend more time enjoying the phase I am at, and being grateful for all the steps I took that got me here. It’s a slow process, a never-ending learning that I am taking on this year, and you will be here to read your way through it.

So, here’s to 2018 and the lessons we are about to learn together. Raise a glass and cheers to the fun we have ahead and the knowledge we gained through the past

Thanks for taking the time to read and adventure with me through this post.
Comment below something you are striving for this year!

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